American Motorcyclist Association

*These results are incomplete.  There were races run that we currently do not have record of.

  George Bardo, Charles Wood Amateur
  Donald Gouker Novice
1949 Norville Goodman, Johnny Butterfield Experienced
  Lloyd Loggerman (2) Amateur
  Clyde Keeney, Mel Bolan Novice
1948 BeeBee Smith (2), Jimmy Chann, Bill Miller Experienced

Dick Klamforth (2), Leon Applegate, Butch Baer Amateur
Al Moran, Blaine Rhodes, Walt Anderson, Russel Billman Novice
1947 Jimmy Chann (3) Experienced
  Johnny Butterfield, Pete Chann Amateur
  Bob Wells Novice
1946 Jimmy Chann (2) Experienced
  Al Westerfield, Bill Miller Amateur
  Dan Hanlon, Raymond Angstadt Novice
1941 Bill Matthews, Billy Huber Experienced
  Dick Beatty Novice
1940 Dick Peters Novice
1939 Woodsie Castonguay Experienced