United States Auto Club

Date Winner Class
8/14/20 Steve Drevicki 360 Sprint Car East
6/14/19 Brady Bacon Silver Crown
6/15/18 Chris Windom Sprint Car
6/16/2017 Kody Swanson Silver Crown
6/16/2017 Brady Bacon Midget
6/15/2017 Spencer Bayston Midget
6/15/2017 Kevin Thomas Jr. Sprint Car
6/10/2016 Chris Windom Silver Crown
9/13/1996 Billy Pauch Sprint Car
6/30/1989 John Heydenreich Midget
7/1/1988 Rich Vogler Midget
7/3/1987 Mel Kenyon Midget
7/4/1986 Mel Kenyon Midget
7/5/1985 Bruce Field Midget
7/5/1981 Eddie Leavitt Silver Crown
7/5/1980 Sheldon Kinser Silver Crown
7/6/1974 Bruce Walkup Sprint Car
9/22/1973 Jan Opperman Sprint Car
6/24/1973 Jan Opperman Sprint Car
9/23/1972 Lee Kunzman Sprint Car
9/25/1971 Mitch Smith Sprint Car
6/30/1971 Danny Caruthers Midget
6/19/1971 Mitch Smith Sprint Car
10/2/1970 Ralph Ligouri Sprint Car
7/11/1970 Dick Tobias Sprint Car
7/18/1964 AJ Foyt Sprint Car
4/12/1964 AJ Foyt Sprint Car
10/5/1963 AJ Foyt Sprint Car
7/7/1963 Roger McCluskey Sprint Car
3/31/1963 Don Branson Sprint Car
10/14/1962 Cotton Farmer Sprint Car
6/30/1962 Jiggs Peters Sprint Car
10/8/1961 Parnelli Jones Sprint Car
6/25/1961 Paul Goldsmith Stock Car
4/23/1961 Roger McCluskey Sprint Car
10/9/1960 AJ Foyt Sprint Car East
10/11/1959 Tommy Hinnershitz Sprint Car East
9/13/1959 Tommy Hinnershitz Sprint Car East
8/29/1959 Les Snow Stock Car
7/19/1959 Rodger Ward Champ Car
6/13/1959 Jim McWithey Sprint Car East
5/24/1959 Frankie Schnieider Stock Car
10/19/1958 Eddie Sachs Sprint Car East
7/20/1958 Jud Larson Champ Car
7/27/1958 Elmer George Sprint Car East
4/13/1958 Johnny Thompson Sprint Car East
10/20/1957 Dale Van Johnson Sprint Car East
8/10/1957 Jerry Unser Stock Car
7/21/1957 Jud Larson Champ Car
4/7/1957 Dale Van Johnson Sprint Car East
10/21/1956 Dale Van Johnson Sprint Car East
8/12/1956 Charlie Musselman Sprint Car East
7/22/1956 Jimmy Bryan Champ Car
7/8/1956 Jimmy Davies Midget
6/17/1956 Pat Flaherty Sprint Car East
6/17/1956 Johnny Thompson Sprint Car East


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