WoO Camping

Q: Is camping available?

A: Yes, we have general camping & reserved camping.  Call office for pre-purchasing.



Q: How big are the camping spots?

A: Camping spots are 16’x30’ (One per camper due to limited parking) 

Q: What about general camping?

A: General camping is located on the right side of the lot off Williams Grove Road & outside turns 3 & 4 of the speedway. it is non-serviced camping. Camping is also located at times on the Williams Grove Steam Engine grounds located off of Williams Grove; Access to the speedway through the old amusement park by foot. Security can tell you where you can camp and park.



Q: What is reserved camping?

A: Reserved camping is on the left side of the lot off Williams Grove Road. It is non-serviced camping. To reserve a space please call the speedway office @ 717-697-5000



Q: When are we allowed to come to the track to camp?

A: For World of Outlaw shows, campground opens at 9AM one day prior to race (May - Thursday, July – Thursday, October - Thursday) Campers that arrive before back campground opens may use the front parking lot overnight until campground opens.




Q: When do gates close after the race weekend?

A: Camping gates will close on Monday at 1pm



Q: Is the camping pass good for the long weekend?

A: Yes, the pass is good from when gates open until Monday at 1pm



Q: We are coming to race. Can we stay in our hauler in the pit area?

A: No, we do not allow camping in the pit area  


Q:  How do Campers park on Beer Hill?

A:  Campers park nose-to-tail along the tree line. 



Q: What must a vehicle have to be allowed on the property?

A: All vehicles must be registered and insured. Golf Carts must have insurance. No ATV’s allowed. 



Q: If I have an emergency while camping, who should I call?

A: For all emergencies, please call 911  

Q: Should I clean up my camp site when I leave?

A: Yes, please clean up and put all garbage in or near trash barrels.



Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any issues, please call the track office at 717.697.5000