Marks And Hodnett Split Williams Grove Twin 20s, Bright Takes ARDC






Mechanicsburg – Brent Marks and Greg Hodnett split twin 20’s for 410 sprints at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking checkered flags worth $2,500 each.


In the 20-lap ARDC Midget feature event, Alex Bright wired the field from the second starting spot to claim his fourth overall win of the ARDC season.


Marks started second in the first twin 20 for the super sprint cars and trailed polesitter Gerard McIntyre Jr. for the first 16 circuits before snagging the lead late in the event.


Even on a restart on the seventh lap Marks had nothing for leader McIntyre but as the leader worked traffic on the fast racing surface, Marks closed the gap and then made a two car pass in the second turn to get control of the race.


He went to the outside of both McIntyre and a lapped car to get control and drive away to the win over the final two miles of the event.


The victory was the second for Marks at Williams Grove this season. 


McIntyre Jr. settled for second followed by Hodnett, Pat Cannon and Lance Dewease.


Sixth through 10th went to Don Kreitz Jr., Adrian Shaffer, Stevie Smith, Ryan Smith and Adam Wilt.


Marks drew a six inversion to start the second feature, which placed Kreitz and Dewease on the front row for the green flag.


Kreitz jumped out to the lead after a first turn duel with Dewease on the start as Hodnett got around Dewease to take second on the first circuit.


Kreitz ran through the middle of the race track during his run at the front but Hodnett was clearly quickening on the cushion and as the race hit the halfway point, Hodnett was glued to Kreitz’s bumper.


And before lap 11 could be completed Hodnett took the lead from Kreitz. 


The field was working on lap 12 when the red suddenly appeared for a violent first turn flip by earlier winner Marks who reportedly blew a tire. 


Kreitz made an attempt to reclaim the lead on the restart but was no match for Hodnett as he streaked away to his third win of the season at the track. 


Kreitz was second followed by a surging Stevie Smith, Dewease and Adrian Shaffer.


Sixth through 10th went to Ryan Smith, Doug Esh, Adam Wilt, Alan Krimes and Brian Montieth.


Fast time over the 26 car field was set by Kreitz with a lap of 16.537 seconds.


Twin qualifiers went to Lafferty and Esh.


Bright led the entire distance in the ARDC main event after the initial start was red flagged for hard contact with the outside turn three wall by polestitter Justin Grosz.


Bright was chased by Bruce Buckwalter Jr. early before point leader Steve Drevicki took second away at the halfway point.


Running in third, Buckwalter got high with little more than an lap to go and gave up a podium finish to Trevor Kobylarz for the spot. 


PJ Gargiulo rode home fourth followed by Brenden Bright.


Heats for the 21-car field went to Brenden Bright, Drevicki and Kobylarz.






August 15, 2014 Feature Finish:


410 sprints, 20 laps, first feature: 1. Brent Marks, 2. Gerard McIntyre Jr., 3. Greg Hodnett, 4. Pat Cannon, 5. Lance Dewease, 6. Don Kreitz Jr., 7. Adrian Shaffer, 8. Stevie Smith, 9. Ryan Smith, 10. Adam Wilt, 11. Doug Esh, 12. Brian Montieth, 13. Alan Krimes, 14. Ryan Bohlke, 15. Rick Lafferty, 16. Glenndon Forsythe, 17. Justin Barger, 18. Nicole Bower, 19. Scott Wilson, 20. Ryan Wilson, 21. Danny Dietrich, 22. Jay Reichart, 23. Brock Zearfoss, 24. Kyle Pruitt

DNQ: Cory Haas, Jim Shuster


410 sprints, 20 laps, second feature: 1. Hodnett, 2. Kreitz Jr., 3. S. Smith, 4. Dewease, 5. Shaffer, 6. R. Smith, 7. Esh, 8. Wilt, 9. Krimes, 10. Montieth, 11. Forsythe, 12. McIntyre Jr., 13. Bohlke, 14. Wilson, 15. Bower, 16. Lafferty, 17. Wilson, 18. Marks, 19. Reichard, 20. Barger, 21. Jim Shuster, 22. Cannon, 23. Pruitt, 24. Dietrich

DNS: Zearfoss

DNQ: Haas


ARDC Midgets, 20 laps: 1. Alex Bright, 2. Steve Drevicki, 3. Trevor Kobylarz, 4. PJ Gargiulo, 5. Brenden Bright, 6. Bruce Buckwalter Jr., 7. Brett Arndt, 8. Kyle Lick, 9. Jim Radney, 10. Brett Wanner, 11. Nick Wean, 12. Tommy Kunzman, 13. Austin Burke, 14. Clayton Glassmeyer, 15. Steve Buckwalter, 16. Ryan Greth, 17. John Barnett, 18. Bill Courtwright, 19. Justin Grosz, 20. Greg Fitzpatrick

DNS: Tony Dimattia