Kreitz Reclaims Williams Grove Point Lead With 60th Career WG Win

Nouse claims 4th 358 sprint win of season






Mechanicsburg – Don Kreitz Jr. took back the point lead from Greg Hodnett in style at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night by claiming the 25-lap 410 sprint victory, a win that marked the 60th of his career at the historic oval.


In total, Kreitz took home over $4,100 for the win including $50 in lap money and a $500 bonus for winning from the fifth row.


Kevin Nouse scored his fourth 358 sprint car feature of the season to end the night, strengthening his point lead over Adrian Shaffer.


After a false initial start, original fourth starter Austin Hogue of Dover motored into the lead at the start of the 410 sprint main over Davey Sammons.


Hogue and Sammons inherited the front row for the beginning of the race after the false start was called on Brock Zearfoss and Nicole Bower.


The caution flag unfurled with three laps completed for a spin by Lance Dewease in the second corner and the restart turned into a red for a four-car accident in the third corner.


The restart had seen Rick Lafferty jump to Sammons’ inside as the pair exited the second turn and at that time Lafferty slammed the inside rail.


After a second of normalcy for Lafferty down the backstretch, his car went sideways into the third turn with obvious front end difficulties and the end result saw the red unfurl after contact with fifth runner Zearfoss, sixth runner Ryan Smith and eighth runner Brian Montieth.


Kreitz restarted fourth behind Hogue, Sammons and Curt Michael.


Michael took second when action resumed with Kreitz following suit a lap later before taking over second spot on the seventh tour.


For the next 10 laps or so Kreitz was unable to close on leader Hogue before seeming to come to life not long after the 10 to go mark.


After trying numerous lanes and lines around the track and failing to close, Kreitz was suddenly in the hunt and after challenging Hogue for control on the 19th and 20th tour, he used a patented inside turn two move on the 21st tour to drive into the lead.


He then drove uncontested to his second win of the year at the track over Hogue, Michael, 15th starter Doug Esh and 14th starter Alan Krimes.


Sixth through 10th went to Pat Cannon, Glenndon Forsythe, Lance Dewease, Sammons and Steve Buckwalter.


Heats for the 27-car field went to Nicole Bower, Brian Montieth and Pat Cannon while Cory Haas took the consolation race.


The 20-lap 358 sprint main was red flagged with two laps completed, again for a third turn crash. 


Before the stoppage DJ Montgomery had led the first lap before giving way to Jay Galloway.


Galloway continued to hold the lead for five more laps before 12th starting point leader Kevin Nouse took control of the race. 


Nouse stretched it out for the next 10 laps before seeing his advantage shrink with three laps to go when Matt Campbell and Adrian Shaffer closed the gap on the high cushion.


Nevertheless Nouse took the victory for his fourth checkers of the season at the track.


Campbell was second followed by Shaffer, Scott Fisher and Chris Arnold.


Heats for the 15-car field went to Doug Hammaker and Shaffer.





August 8, 2014 Feature Finish:


410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Don Kreitz Jr., 2. Austin Hogue, 3. Curt Michael, 4. Doug Esh, 5. Alan Krimes, 6. Pat Cannon, 7. Glenndon Forsythe, 8. Lance Dewease, 9. Davey Sammons, 10. Steve Buckwalter, 11. Mark Smith, 12. Adam Wilt, 13. Nicole Bower, 14. Troy Fraker, 15. Todd Allen, 16. Kyle Pruitt, 17. Cory Haas, 18. Rick Lafferty, 19. Brock Zearfoss, 20. Ryan Smith, 21. Brian Montieth, 22. Jordan Givler, 23. Ryan Wilson, 24. Jay Reichard

DNQ: Tyler Bear, Jim Shuster, Tom Huppunen

358 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Kevin Nouse, 2. Matt Campbell, 3. Adrian Shaffer, 4. Scott Fisher, 5. Chris Arnold, 6. Doug Hammaker, 7. Kody Lehman, 8. DJ Montgomery, 9. Leah Starner, 10. Matt Findley, 11. Brie Hershey, 12. Jay Galloway, 13. Rich Eichelberger, 14. Brian Garland

DNS: Tony Smolenyak