Marks Steals Wilson's Williams Grove Win, Chad Trout Scores 358 Sprints


MECHANICSBURG, PA – Brent Marks executed a fourth turn pass of Ryan Wilson racing to the white flag and led the final lap to win the 25-lap 410 sprint car feature Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

In the 358 sprint main it was Chad Trout outrunning Kevin Nouse to pick up the victory. 

Marks, of Myerstown, earned $4,120 for his third Grove win of the season and his sixth overall win in the Jeff Marks No. 19M.

The caution flag flew on the opening lap when Danny Dietrich hit the frontstretch wall and stopped. Steve Buckwalter gave up the sixth starting spot and pitted under the same caution.

Aaron Ott grabbed the early race lead when action got going, but blew an engine racing down the backstretch with one lap completed.

Wilson inherited the lead for the restart and saw Austin Hogue drive under Rick Lafferty to take the runner-up spot.

The caution flag flew again with three laps completed as Pat Cannon slid backwards and hit the inside frontstretch fence.

Marks was in fourth on the restart and would get by Lafferty and into third while Brian Montieth was up to fifth from the 11th starting spot.

Wilson built a big lead as everybody raced around a very fast top groove. He began to lap slower cars at the half-way point.

Marks put a slider on Hogue to take the runner-up spot and close in on the leader. 

Montieth and Greg Hodnett passed Hogue to move up in the top five shortly thereafter.

Marks and Montieth both began to close on the leader at that point as well.

All three drivers ended up clearing the lapped cars for the final five laps.

They were close as they raced under the two-lap sign from the flagman and then Marks pulled the trigger for the slider in turn three, clearing Wilson as they raced off turn four to the white flag.

“The track was just so fast tonight,” said Marks.

“It was racy, but it was fast and it took a lot of patience. I couldn’t get by Austin and I seen Ryan pulling away from us. Finally, I pulled a slider down here in three and cleared him."

"I beat the crap out of my car to catch him. I’m up to 290 degrees on my engine and that’s not good. Hopefully, we didn’t hurt that."

"I was just close enough to complete the pass. I knew I had him cleared, I figured he had to get out of it. I’m excited to get our sixth win of the year. It means a lot. This is a great year for us.”

It was Wilson’s second runner-up this season.

“We’re getting closer,” said Wilson. “Brent knows how to pull a slide-job better than I do and he knows how to turn back under somebody better than I do. I’m still in that learning curve.”

He controlled the final lap to score the win over Wilson, Montieth, Hodnett and Lance Dewease. Hogue, Alan Krimes, Lafferty, point leader Don Kreitz Jr. and Danny Dietrich completed the top 10.

Marks, Hodnett and Dewease won the 10-lap heat races for the 28-car field. Cory Haas won the consolation.

In the 358 sprint feature, Chad Trout grabbed the early race lead and built a comfortable lead. Point leader Kevin Nouse started 13th and was quickly into the top five.

Chandler Leiby took second spot from Jordan Givler with 10 laps to go and began to close on Trout.

The caution flag flew with six laps to go in the 20 lap feature. Nouse would slide by Leiby on the restart, but couldn’t catch Trout as he scored his first win of the season.

Doug Hammaker passed Leiby for third. Adrian Shaffer came from last to fifth.

Jordan Givler, Tony Smolenyak, Chris Arnold, Matt Findley and Scott Fisher completed the top 10.

Shaffer and Tony Smolenyak won the eight-lap heat races for the 20-car field.



Sprint Car Feature (25 laps): 1. Brent Marks. 2. Ryan Wilson. 3. Brian Montieth. 4. Greg Hodnett. 5. Lance Dewease. 6. Austin Hogue. 7. Alan Krimes. 8. Rick Lafferty. 9. Don Kreitz Jr. 10. Danny Dietrich. 11. Curt Michael. 12. Cory Haas. 13. Gerard McIntyre Jr. 14. Rodney Westhafer. 15. Ryan Smith. 16. Tim Glatfelter. 17. Shane Huff. 18. Nicole Bower. 19. Scott Wilson. 20. Glenndon Forsythe. 21. Justin Barger. 22. Pat Cannon. 23. Aaron Ott. 24. Steve Buckwalter.

Did Not Qualify: Robbie Kendall, Jim Shuster, Troy Fraker, Kyle Pruitt.


358 Sprint Feature (20 laps):1. Chad Trout. 2. Kevin Nouse. 3. Doug Hammaker. 4. Chandler Leiby. 5. Adrian Shaffer. 6. Jordan Givler. 7. Tony Smolenyak. 8.Chris Arnold 9. Matt Findley.10. Scott Fisher. 11. Rick Eichelberger. 12. C.J. Quirk. 13. Ashley Cappetta. 14. Brie Hershey. 15. Kody Lehman. 16. Leah Starner. 17. Matt Campbell. 18. D.J. Montgomery. DNS – Jay Galloway, Rick Horn.