Williams Grove Speedway

Starting in 1939, Williams Grove Speedway has been one of the top sprint car tracks in the country.  The speedway is a mile banked smooth clay oval with speeds reaching in excess of 100 mph.  The 2017 racing season runs from March 12th to October 7th.  Our largest show, the World of Outlaws National Open pays over $225,000 in prize money.  Season admission prices range from $15 to $45, discounted youth (Ages 13-20) $10-$20 and Kids 12 and under are always FREE.  Special sanctioned races include the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, United States Auto Club, All-Star Circuit of Champions, United Racing Club and the American Racing Drivers Club among others.  Other racing divisions throughout the season include, 358 sprint cars, super sportsman and limited late models.  We strive to be a family oriented facility by hosting School’s Out Night, the Math Fact Challenge and supporting many local and national charities.

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August 25 @ 8:00 PM

  410 Sprints Yellow Breeches 500
& K1 RaceGear
358 Sprint Car Summer Series/
EMMR Track Time

GA $15 Y $10






Danny Dietrich inherited the lead when Rico Abreu blew a tire and went on to win the Jack Gunn Memorial Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway beating the All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint cars.   >> read more

August 18, 2017 

Feature Finish



Sprint Car Feature (30 laps): 1. Danny Dietrich. 2. Sammy Swindell. 3. Greg Hodnett. 4. Lance Dewease. 5. Lucas Wolfe. 6. Chad Kemenah. 7. Brian Montieth. 8. Tim Shaffer. 9. Mark Smith. 10. Trey Starks. 11. Ryan Smith. 12. Dale Blaney. 13. Freddie Rahmer. 14. TJ Stutts. 15. Cory Haas. 16. Tony Stewart. 17. Tyler Esh. 18. Caleb Helms. 19. Matt Campbell. 20. Anthony Macri. 21. Rico Abreu. 22. Chad Trout. 23. Brandon Spithaler. 24. Alan Krimes. 25. Max Stambaugh.

Did Not Qualify: Nicole Bower, Caleb Helms, Caleb Armstrong, Justin Barger, Brandon Matus, Brent Matus, Troy Fraker, Max Stambaugh, Troy Fraker, Brock Zearfoss, Jordan Mackison, John Garvin, TJ Michael.


305 Sprint Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Scott Ellerman. 2. Austin Bishop. 3. Bobby Butler 4. Jaremi Hanson. 5. Zach Newlin 6. Dave Brown. 7. Tyler Reeser. 8. Eddie Wagner. 9. Colby Dice. 10. Darren Miller. 11. Cale Reigle. 12. Tommy Carberry. 13. Rick Stief. 14. Jeff Geiges. 15. Jon Haegele. 16. Scott Frack. 17. Jay Kraut. 18. Tom Carberry. 19. Kyle Ganoe. 20. Ian Cummins. 21. Stephanie Dodson. 22. Dave Grube. 23. Tim Tanner Jr. 24. Ken Duke Jr. 25. George Riden. 26. Fred Arnold.


Did Not Qualify: Dave Bonnes, Mike Alleman, Erin Statler, Kirsten Hess, Vance Berry, Kassidy Kreitz, John Webster II, Kurt Knepper, Jared Zionkowki, Josh Fox, Teddy Thomas, Rod Ort, John Walp, Andrew Hake, Keith Anderson, Brandon Puff, Sydney Price, Kyle Smith, Johnny Scarborough.


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Williams Grove Sprints Race In Yellow Breeches 500 Event Friday Along With 358s

Two-race weekend on tap September 1 and 3 with 410, 358 and URC 360 sprints

Williams Grove Speedway will present another Yellow Breeches 500 event for the Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint cars coming up this Friday night, August 25 at 8 pm.  >> read more












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2017 Rule Updates


410 & 358 sprint car rule updates

Part #38-230 105/18.0-15 W18 Tire allowed

Carbon Fiber: No carbon fiber parts, excluding torque tubes and brake rotors, will be allowed in the suspension (includes radius rods), steering components, or drive line.


Wheel covers: it is highly recommended that wheel covers have a minimum of 5 mounting points. However, both 5 and 3 mounting point wheel covers will be allowed for competition under the following conditions: Beginning with the 2017 racing season wheel covers having a minimum of 5 attachment points may continue to use dzus fasteners. Said dzus fasteners must be made of steel or titanium only. Wheel covers having only 3 attachment points must be bolted-on at all 3 points utilizing a minimum 5/16”, flanged steel or titanium bolt and an approved fastening (nut assembly) system. Must comply before May 18th 2017(All Stars will mandate on their April 28th event)Updated 4/11/17

Approved fastening (nut assembly) systems: Keyser Manufacturing, part #100 7-101.

Optional fastening systems that are equal or superior to the above approved system will be readily approved at the sole discretion of WGS Technical Officials.

Highly Suggested Safety Equipment

Head and Neck Restraints (World of Outlaws will mandate this by May 10, 2017)

At all times during an event, including practice, qualifying and competition (excluding starting the car for engine warm-up) drivers should wear an SFI-approved head and neck restraint device/system that is properly mounted and connected per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The device should meet SFI 38.1 specifications and display a valid SFI 38.1 label.

The head and neck restraint must be SFI 38.1 approved and display a legible and valid SFI 38.1 label.

Arm restraints are recommended and must be connected and used as instructed by the manufacturer.


Reminder: Approved fuel bladders are required and must have a solid cover over the bladder.  Bladderless fuel cells are not permitted.  Fuel tanks cannot be altered or modified and must be one-piece construction of cross-link polyethylene plastic. No carbon fiber fuel tanks.  


Important Notice on Counterfeit Head and Neck Restraint >> click here


Track Notes

Attention ALL race teams!
Please download the 2017 W-9 Form and fill it out prior to the season to avoid lines. 
It can be mailed to the speedway office (address below) or emailed to williamsgrove@verizon.net    

Click here to view the 2016 season results

To All Patrons: No Smoking or E-cigarettes in grand stands & within 15 ft of concession stands


Parking Lot Policy:
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A pre-1962 look at the covered grandstand at Williams Grove from Beer Hill

Ben's Pics  Click here to view more photos

The displayed photos were picked by museum staff member Ben Turner who has
spent many hours sorting and cataloging thousands of photos  in EMMR's collection.

EMMR photos are available for public viewing during museum hours.

The museum is currently open every Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM and will begin its
normal hours of 10 AM - 4 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on April 6.



Williams Grove Speedway
October 14, 2016
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