VP Racing Fuels is the official fuel supplier of Williams Grove Speedway. Williams Grove makes every effort to offer racing fuel to it competitors during racing events however it cannot be held responsible for equipment malfunctions or other unforeseen circumstances that prevent the sale of fuel.

Rule Book (updated 5/16/2024)
Topless 358 Late Model Race (Selinsgrove Speedway Rules)
Topless 358 Late Model Race Format

Scales Notice
Below is a listing of when you must go to the scales
410 Sprints All In Heats
Top 3 In Feature
All In Time Trials
358 Sprints All In Heats
Top 3 In Feature

Rule Updates
  • The QRP C2L Birdcage will not be legal for Williams Grove Speedway competition. The consensus is this is a part that will increase cost without much benefit and will be another part that is needed to watch over and adjust.
  • In the event that the race is not properly started by the two (2) front row cars, the responsible car(s) will be issued a warning. A second infraction will result in both cars moving to the second row.
  • During the 410-sprint feature, any car will be given two laps to make repairs of any race damage. (This does not allow for refueling or changing of tire that is not flat) The laps will begin once the car has reached their pit stall. No driver will be granted an additional two laps in the work area on the same lap unless they are involved in an additional incident involving race damage. Anyone drawing an intentional caution, as determined by the officials, is cause for disqualification. The car will rejoin the field at the tail of the lap it is on once the work has been completed. After the completion of the halfway mark, the two-lap period will no longer be in effect. It is illegal to make repairs on the race car while on the speedway. If repairs are made on the track, the car and driver will be disqualified.


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