Does The Williams Grove Speedweek Winner Predict A Series Title?

Mechanicsburg – As Williams Grove goes, so goes the speedweek championship.

Well, not quite.

But at least 44 % of the time since speedweek began in 1991, a Williams Grove speedweek winner has gone on to claim the overall speedweek series title.

Case in point, the 2020 speedweek series.

Kyle Larson won the big Mitch Smith Memorial at the Grove that year and then claimed the series title.

And the same back in the series’ inaugural season in 1991.

Steve Smith Sr. won one of two series races at the track in ‘91 and claimed the series crown.

All together, Williams Grove has completed events in 27 of the 31 series run to date.

And 44.44 % of the time, the track has had a hand in and perhaps predicted who the speedweek titlist would be.

In 1994, Smith Sr. and Fred Rahmer won and Rahmer scored the title.

In 1996, Keith Kauffman won the Mitch Smith and claimed the title for the Apple Motorsports stables.

And then in 1997, Lance Dewease did it for Walter Dyer.

Four years later, Dewease did it again, this time for Joe Harz.

In 2002, Greg Hodnett won the Mitch Smith and took the series title.

Rahmer was back for Smith Grove wins and series titles in 2004 and 2005 for Harz.

After 2005, it was 2013 until a Williams Grove winner again copped the title, this time in the form of Hodnett who took the series opener.

Stevie Smith won the opener in 2005 and then the crown.

And Danny Dietrich won the Smith Memorial in 2016 before taking his first series crown.

So will either of the 2022 Williams Grove winners go on to claim the 2022 Pennsylvania Speedweek championship?

Races at the oval on June 24 and July 1 will tell the tale.

Action begins both nights at 7:30 pm.

The 32nd annual speedweek opener paying $7,001 to win is coming up this Friday followed by the 34th annual Mitch Smith Memorial paying $15,000 to win on July 1.

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