Wolfe, Dietrich, Norris And Spence Split Williams Grove Sprint Mains

Mechanicsburg - Lucas Wolfe, Danny Dietrich, Dylan Norris and Kyle Spence split the 410 and 358 sprint car features at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday Night.

Both Wolfe and Norris were victorious in the make-up 410 and 358 mains postponed by rain on August 4.

Dietrich and Spence sped to the wins in the regularly scheduled events slated for Friday night.

The make-up 410 feature restarted with one lap complete and Cameron Smith at the helm and Wolfe restarting third.

Wolfe came to second on the second lap and chased Smith who held a two second lead over the field by lap 10.

A restart with 10 laps to go in the 25 lap main closed the gap for Wolfe and when action resumed he swooped his No. 5W low in the first corner to net control and run to the win by .684 seconds.

Freddie Rahmer rode home third followed by TJ Stutts, Devon Borden and Troy Wagaman Jr.

Norris led every circuit of the make-up 358 sprint main after starting second in the field.

It was his second career limited sprint car win at the track where he also competes in 410 action.

Kody Hartlaub, Chad Criswell, Steve Owings and Logan Rumsey chased Norris to the finish line.

The regularly scheduled Yellow Breeches 500 feature for the 410 sprints saw no less than three different leaders with Dietrich becoming the final pacesetter with two laps to go.

Cameron Smith again led the lion's share of the race before succumbing to pressure late in the race, this time in the form of Devon Borden.

Borden’s run at the front would be brief however as fifth starting Dietrich was hot on his tail, diving under him for the lead the first time with four laps to go before making the move stick two laps later with a low move in the first turn.

The feature was marred by a seven-car fracas with 15 laps to go when Dietrich got together with Freddie Rahmer as the pair was racing for position.

The result saw the cars of Austin Bishop, Wolfe, Rahmer, Tyler Reeser, Kyle Moody, Ryan Newton and JJ Loss all suffering damage.

Borden finished 1.393 seconds behind at the finish with Troy Wagaman Jr., Smith and Billy Dietrich rounding out the top five.

It was Dietrich's first win of the season at Williams Grove.

Heats went to Reeser and Smith.

Doug Hammaker would lead only the first lap of the regular 358 sprint main before Kyle Spence took over for his first career win at the oval.

Hammaker contested the spot more than once during the 20-lap feature as did Chris Frank during the mid-stages but Spence prevailed by .551 seconds for the checkers.

Hammaker was second followed by Dylan Norris, Frank and Kody Hartlaub.

Heats went to Chad Criswell, Spence and Preston Lattomus.

PA Dyno Hard Chargers on the night were Scott Fisher and Derek Lock in 358 sprints and TJ Stutts and Nash Ely in 410 sprints.

Feature Finishes

August 4 make-up, 410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Lucas Wolfe, 2. Freddie Rahmer, 3. TJ Stutts, 4. Devon Borden, 5. Troy Wagaman Jr., 6. Nash Ely, 7. Camerson Smith, 8. Steve Buckwalter, 9. Ryan Newton, 10. Danny Dietrich, 11. Dwight Leppo, 12. Billy Dietrich,13. Tyler Reeser, 14. Tim Wagaman J r., 15. Kyle Moody, 16. Chad Trout, 17. Jarrett Cavalet, 18. Ricky Dieva

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Danny Detrich, 2. Devon Borden, 3. Troy Wagaman Jr., 4. Cameron Smith, 5. Billy Dietrich, 6. Steve Buckwalter, 7. Nash Ely, 8. Lucas Wolfe, 9. Ryan Newton, 10. Dwight Leppo, 11. JJ Loss, 12. Steve Kisamore, 13. Freddie Rahmer, 14. Tyler Reeser, 15. Kyle Moody, 16. Austin Bishop, 17. Tim Wagaman Jr., 18. TJ Stutts, 19. Jordan Givler

August 4 make-up Summer Series, 358 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Dylan Norris, 2. Kody Hartlaub, 3. Chad Criswell, 4. Steve Owings, 5. Logan Rumsey, 6. Chris Frank, 7. Preston Lattomus, 8. Zach Newlin, 9. Jayden Wolf, 10. Scott Fisher, 11. Derek Locke, 12. Doug Hammaker, 13. Matt Findley, 14. Joe Timmins, 15. Bryn Gohn, 16. Denny Gross, 17. Frankie Herr, 18. Chase Gutshall, 19. Kyle Spence, 20. Cody Fletcher, 21. Brady Dillon

DNS: Tyler Rutherford, Kyle Keen

358 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Kyle Spence, 2. Doug Hammaker, 3. Dylan Norris, 4. Chris Frank, 5. Kody Hartlaub, 6. Zach Newlin, 7. Derek Locke, 8. Bryn Gohn, 9. Scott Fisher, 10. Steve Owings, 11. Justin Foster, 12. Matt Findley, 13. Jayden Wolf, 14. Shane Yost, 15. Frankie Herr, 16. Preston Lattomus, 17. Joe Timmins, 18. Wyatt Hinkle, 19. Jay Galloway, 20. Steve Kothe, 21. Tyler Rutherford, 22. Nick Yinger, 23. Kane Eichenlaub, 24. Chad Criswell

DNQ: Kyle Keen, Brady Dillon, Cody Fletcher, Denny Gross, Logan Rumsey, Chase Gutshall

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