Brent Marks Scores Trifecta Of Williams Grove Memorials, Claims 8K In Gunn Race
Edkin and Jackson split sportsman mains

Mechanicsburg - Brent Marks completed the trifecta of claiming the three marquee memorial races at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, claiming the 41st annual York Building Products Jack Gunn Memorial for Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint cars, worth $8,000.

The Gunn victory comes on the heels of his wins in the July Mitch Smith Memorial and the April Tommy Hinnershitz Classic, giving the Myerstown driver a total of nearly $30,000 across the trio of wins.

In the winged super sportsman main, it was Kenny Edkin of Marysville making a last lap pass for the win while the wingless sportsman main went to Tony Jackson of Newville.

Marks started sixth in the 25-lap Jack Gunn Memorial and watched as second starter Justin Peck nearly flipped his machine in the first corner when the Indiana driver lost the handle on his No. 13 as he raced with polesitter Dylan Norris into the corner.

Norris took control and led the first lap before a four-car tangle in the second corner slowed the action.

Lance Dewease, who was making his Williams Grove debut in the Macri No. 39M, chased Norris on the restart along with Marks.

By lap four, Marks was challenging Dewease for second and the pair battled for the spot until Marks finally drove by on the seventh tour.

Norris entered the backmarkers on lap 10 with Marks in hot pursuit and by lap 15 Marks was ready to make his move.

Working traffic, when Norris left his high line in the first and second turns for the bottom groove, Marks was able to buzz the top and then drop off of the cushion onto the backstretch to pull even for control.

And that was all it took for Marks to speed to his 18th career oval win, and third of the season with a margin of victory timed at 2.282 seconds.

Norris held on for a career best second place finish followed by Dewease, Danny Dietrich and Troy Wagaman Jr.

Sixth through 10th went to Justin Peck, Freddie Rahmer, Cameron Smith, Devon Borden and Kyle Moody.

Heats went to Norris, Dietrich and Marks.

Peck set fast time with a lap of 16.934 seconds.

“I was a little leery whether we were gonna even make it out,” said Marks in victory lane.

"We changed the motor after the heat. We really had to hustle."

Marks was the hard charger in the event.

Kenny Edkin worked on passing leader Scott Dellinger for the first 19 and a half laps of the 20-lap winged super sportsman feature before finally mustering enough muscle to snare the lead in the final corner.

Edkin repeatedly blasted to the outside of Dellinger in the third corner and would draw even for control only to see Dellinger lead back to the line.

During the final six laps ninth starter Tony Jackson came to third and made it a three car battle for the win that went right down to the line with Jackson also nipping Dellinger at the finish.

Dellinger ended up third followed by Russ Mitten and John Edkin.

Heats went to Matt Ondek, Mitten and John Edkin.

Edkin claimed the WC Eshenaur Last Lap Pass Award worth $250.

Jackson started eighth in the 20-lap wingless sportsman feature and made quick time getting to the front of the field.

He took the lead from Cliff Brian Jr. on the seventh tour before driving away for the victory.

Brian was second followed by Bill Brian Jr., Andy Burkhart and Chad Thomas.

Feature Finishes

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Brent Marks, 2. Dylan Norris, 3. Lance Dewease, 4. Danny Dietrich, 5. Troy Wagaman Jr., 6. Justin Peck, 7. Freddie Rahmer, 8. Cameron Smith, 9. Devon Borden, 10. Kyle Moody, 11. TJ Stutts, 12. Ryan Taylor, 13. Steve Buckwalter, 14. Lucas Wolfe, 15. Austin Bishop, 16. Tim Buckwalter, 17. Ryan Newton, 18. Steve Downs, 19. Derek Locke, 20. Billy Dietrich, 21. Troy Fraker, 22. Kody Lehman, 23. Denny Peeples, 24. Cody Fletcher

DNS: Tyler Reeser

Winged Super Sportsman, 20 laps: 1. Kenny Edkin, 2. Tony Jackson, 3. Scott Dellinger, 4. Russ Mitten, 5. John Edkin, 6. Matt Ondek, 7. Troy Rhome, 8. Scott Geesey, 9. Timmie Barrick, 10. Tyler Wolford, 11. Eric Walker, 12. Steve Wilbur, 13. Blake Brooks, 14. Jason Fraker, 15. Jordan Fulton, 16. Tom Wyckoff, 17. Luke Deatrick, 18. Eric Rutz, 19. Daniel John, 20. Paul Miller, 21. Jay Fannasy, 22. George Riden

DNS: Mike Enders

Wingless Super Sportsman, 20 laps: 1. Tony Jackson, 2. Cliff Brian Jr., 3. Bill Brian Jr., 4. Andy Burkhart, 5. Chad Thomas, 6. Trent Yoder, 7. Brett Perigo, 8. Kevin Gutshall, 9. Bob Gutshall, 10. Craig Perigo, 11. Steve Wilbur, 12. Sam Leonard Jr., 13. Blake Brooks, 14. Brian Nace, 15. Luke Lenker, 16. Adam Gutshall, 17. Jason Moore, 18. Troy Fraker, 19. Dennis Perigo, 20. Dexter Ehrenzeller , 21. Gene Eppley, 22. Joe Gabner

DNS: Eric Rutz, Brandon Shearer, Jack Liddick

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