Wagaman Wins Williams Grove Kimmel Memorial, Chad Criswell Cops 358 Match Race

Mechanicsburg - Troy Wagaman Jr. picked up the Billy Kimmel Memorial for 410 sprint cars presented by Komatsu at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking home $6,000 for his second victory of the season at the track in the Diamond Series event.

In the Match Race for 358 sprints, veteran Chad Criswell took the win, becoming the third and final leader of the event.

Polesitter Justin Peck stormed into control when the green flag fell in the 25-lap Kimmel Memorial for sprints.

After starting third, Wagaman made what would end up being the winning move on the opening lap when he blasted past second starter Lance Dewease low in the second corner.

But even by then Peck was off and running, blasting around the oval on the cushion, wasting little time establishing himself as the man to beat by building up a more than two second lead.

Peck's rapid pace was slowed on the sixth lap for a stopped Troy Fraker but he again pulled away when action resumed.

The Indiana leader entered lapped traffic on the 13th tour and struggled with traffic for the next three laps, allowing Wagaman and Dewease to close in but once breaking free he again went to work ripping around the cushion.

Another yellow flag slowed the field with seven laps to go for debris on the track and during the caution laps, Peck came up with a right rear flat tire.

After both Wagaman and Dewease pulled alongside the leader to warn him, Peck made the decision to attempt to restart but his decision was ill-fated as he came to a stop a lap later.

Wagaman took control for the new green and Dewease made an attempt for the lead in turns three and four but a stout-running Wagaman drove off to the checkers aboard the Heffner No. 27.

Dewease was 1.365 seconds behind at the finish followed by Daryn Pittman aboard the Kreitz No. 69K.

Dylan Norris finished a strong fourth and Danny Dietrich finished fifth, also scored as the PA Dyno Hard Charger.

Sixth through 10th went to Cameron Smith, Devon Borden, Freddie Rahmer, TJ Stutts and Chase Dietz.

Heats were taken by Smith, Borden and Pittman.

Dewease set fast time with a lap of 16.528 seconds.

Point leader Doug Hammaker started on the pole of the 25-lap Match Race for the 358 sprints and lost the lead briefly on the first lap when Chris Frank hustled by on the backstretch.

But Hammaker reclaimed the spot with a turn three blast back into control before just before the only caution flag of the race appeared for a stopped Preston Lattomus.

Fourth starter Chad Criswell restarted third behind Frank and drove into second when action resumed.

With a full head of steam, Criswell quickly closed up on Hammaker to cross the stripe on lap four just out of the lead.

But on lap five he did get the lead before slowly but surely pulling away from Hammaker.

Some tense moments in traffic mid-race allowed Hammaker to close up the distance but after biding his time to get through the traffic jam, Criswell went on to record his third career limited sprint win at Williams Grove, worth over $2,000.

Hammaker finished second followed by Steve Owings, Chris Frank and Kody Hartlaub.

Sixth through 10th went to Frankie Herr, Tyler Ulrich, Tyler Walton, Dylan Norris and Logan Rumsey.

Owings was the PA Dyno Hard Charger.

Heats were won by Walton, Jake Eldreth and Criswell with Zach Newlin claming the consolation race.

Match Race contributing sponsors were Bill Devine and Dirty Deeds, Ephrata Recycling, JDI Site Prep, Mamma's Pizza, Ant Bay, Mennonite Mafia and Powder Works.

Feature Finishes

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Troy Wagaman Jr., 2. Lance Dewease, 3. Daryn Pittman, 4. Dylan Norris, 5. Danny Dietrich, 6. Cameron Smith, 7. Devon Borden, 8. Freddie Rahmer, 9. TJ Stutts, 10. Chase Dietz, 11. Brian Brown, 12. Tyler Ross, 13. Kyle Moody, 14. Steve Buckwalter, 15. Lucas Wolfe, 16. Austin Bishop, 17. Brent Shearer, 18. Jordan Givler, 19. Steve Downs, 20. Joey Amantea, 21. Justin Peck, 22. Nash Ely, 23. JJ Loss, 24. Troy Fraker, 25. JR Senft

358 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Chad Criswell, 2. Doug Hammaker, 3. Steve Owings, 4. Chris Frank, 5. Kody Hartlaub, 6. Frankie Herr, 7. Tyler Ulrich, 8. Tyler Walton, 9. Dylan Norris, 10. Logan Rumsey, 11. Matt Findley, 12. Kyle Spence, 13. Scott Fisher, 14. Zach Newlin, 15. Jake Eldreth, 16. Justin Foster, 17. Jay Galloway, 18. Shane Yost, 19. Brady Dillon, 20. Tyler Rutherford, 21. Jayden Wolf, 22. Nick Yinger, 23. Preston Lattomus, 24. Nat Tuckey

DNS: Cody Fletcher

DNQ: Dwight Leppo, Wyatt Hinkle, Derek Locke

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