Wagaman Wins Williams Grove Sprints For Career Third, Trent Brenneman Gets Limited Late Models

Mechanicsburg – Troy Wagaman Jr. of Hanover scored his first Williams Grove Speedway win of the season on Friday night in Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint car action.

Wagaman took home $5,000 for his third career oval victory.

The Topless 25 for limited late models was won by Trent Brenneman of Port Royal for his first ever win at the speedway where his late grandfather Butch Renninger owns four career super late model checkered flags.

The initial start of the 25-lap sprint car main was yellow-flagged when Ryan Wilson turned sideways on the frontstretch.

Second starter Lucas Wolfe drove into the lead when action resumed with third starter Wagaman giving chase.

Wagaman wasted little time challenging Wolfe for the lead as he first got around him for the top spot on the fourth lap only to see Wolfe’s No. 5W reclaim control at the start/finish line.

Wagaman then went low in the first and second turns as the pair raced through the corners to drive into control and a lead that he would not relinquish.

The new leader’s pace was slowed two laps later for a spun Matt Campbell.

At the halfway point pacesetter Wagaman was well out in front with Wolfe still racing second and polesitter Justin Whittall holding down third.

Wagaman entered the rear of the field to contend with traffic on lap 16 but proved to easily work the backmarkers.

But a mistake by Whittall in the third turn with three laps to go would again regroup the field when the New Jersey driver backed his car into the outside fence, ending his good run.

Wagaman easily survived the restart to take the win by .940 seconds ahead of Wolfe.

Freddie Rahmer moved from fifth to third on the final restart with Chase Dietz and Devon Borden completing the top five.

Sixth through 10th went to Ryan Taylor, Steve Buckwalter, 23rd starter Anthony Macri, Dylan Norris and Dylan Cisney.

Heats went to Borden, Cameron Smith, Whittall and Dietz with Callum Williamson taking the last chance race.

Macri was the fast qualifier in timed practice laps with a tour of 16.401 seconds and earned the PA Dyno Hard Charger Award in the feature .

Brenneman would wire the field for a $2,500 payday in the Topless 25 for limited lates.

He was chased early by Andrew Yoder before Yoder began a duel with Ryan Zook for second.

Yoder would eventually get sidelined and DJ Myers would pick up where he let off in the chase for the leader.

Brenneman had to fend off Myers’ challenges during the last 10 laps in order to pull away to a 1.063 second win.

Devin Hart was third followed by Zook and Dan Zechman.

Sixth through 10th went to Devin Frey, Shawn Shoemaker, Taylor Farling, Mike Walls and Wes Bonebrake.

Heats were taken by Hart, Brenneman and Zook with Mike Walls taking the consolation race.

Brenneman set fast time with a lap of 20.513 seconds.

Feature Finishes

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Troy Wagaman Jr., 2. Lucas Wolfe, 3. Freddie Rahmer, 4. Chase Dietz, 5. Devon Borden, 6. Ryan Taylor, 7. Steve Buckwalter, 8. Anthony Macri, 9. Dylan Norris, 10. Dylan Cisney, 11. Austin Bishop, 12. Cameron Smith, 13. TJ Stutts. 14. Callum Williamson, 15. Kody Hartlaub, 16. Matt Campbell, 17. Danny Dietrich, 18. Mike Walter II., 19. Derek Locke, 20. Tony Jackson. 21. Kyle Keen, 22. Justin Whittall, 23. Jarrett Cavalett, 24. Ryan Wilson

DNQ: Mike Thompson, Bryn Gohn, JJ Loss, Jacob Dykstra, Jordan Givler, Matt Miller, Jett Mann, Kyle Moody, Ryan Newton

Limited late models, 25 laps: 1. Trent Brenneman, 2. DJ Myers, 3. Devin Hart, 4. Ryan Zook, 5. Dan Zechman, 6. Devin Frey, 7. Shawn Shoemaker, 8. Taylor Farlling, 9. Mike Walls, 10. Wes Bonebrake, 11. Chad Earnst, 12. Tommy Slanker, 13. Rodney Walls, 14. Michael Walls ,15. Zach Kauffman, 16. Cuyler Upperman, 17. Hunter Fulton, 18. Tyson Mowery, 19. Lane Snook, 20. Andrew Yoder, 21. Jed Latshaw, 22. Jared Miller, 23. Dalton Bigler, 24. Cole Slanker

DNQ: Eddie Richards, Gilbert Hess, Wayne Hawbaker, Randy Schaeffer, Randy Stoudt, John Moser, Kyle Moser, Jake Moser

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