Lucas Wolfe Wins First In Williams Grove Sprints Since 2019, Locke Repeats In 358s

Mechanicsburg – Lucas Wolfe wired the field for the 25-lap sprint car victory at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking his first oval win since July of 2019.

Wolfe started on the pole of the feature aboard the Allebach No. 5W and never looked back to record his 22nd career speedway win.

In the 20-lap 358 sprint main, Derek Locke won for the second week in a row to notch his fifth career Williams Grove Speedway victory and tie his father Howie on the all-time win list.

Wolfe was chased by Kyle Moody when the 410 sprint feature got underway and caution flags with two and four laps completed forced restarts.

Moody failed to produce a challenge on either of those restarts and was trailing along with Chad Trout and Alan Krimes when another yellow flag bunched the field with nine laps away.

For the restart, 15th starter Anthony Macri lined up sixth followed by 14th starter Justin Peck.

And Peck was the man on the move during the second half of the event as Wolfe led the pack.

Peck, of Monrovia, Indiana, got by Alan Krimes for fifth with 11 laps to go and then pulled up on Dylan Cisney for fourth with nine to go.

One by one Peck blasted by both Trout and then Moody to race into second, overtaking Trout on a restart with six laps to go.

But that final restart killed the momentum that Peck had going before the yellow and it cleared and cleaned the track for Wolfe’s drive to the finish.

With open track, Wolfe was able to maintain control during the final five laps to get the win with hard charging Peck finishing second aboard the Tom Buch No. 13.

Freddie Rahmer, who started 13th in the field, came on strong during the second half as well, driving up to third for the finish.

Dylan Cisney was fourth and Moody was fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to Krimes, Macri, Troy Wagaman Jr., Chad Trout and Chase Dietz.

Heats went to Wolfe, Moody and Trout with Lance Dewease taking the consolation race before scratching for the main event.

Matt Findley grabbed the early lead in the 20-lap main event for the 358 Sprints while Zach Newlin trailed.

Findley began lapping slower cars as Locke challenged Newlin for second at the halfway point.

A yellow flag interrupted the battle with 10 laps to go and Locke used the middle groove of turn one to pass Newlin on the restart.

Another yellow slowed the pace before Locke again used the middle on the restart to stay with Findley.

The pair was nose-to-tail off the second turn and around the track as action resumed before Locke got next to Findley and pulled even with him down the backchute.

Locke then took the lead by a nose at the flagstand with six laps to go before pulling away.

Findley, Newlin, Steve Owings and Zachary Cool completed the top five.

Scott Fisher, Chris Frank, Cody Fletcher, Chad Criswell and Devin Adams rounded out the top ten.

Heat races for the 22 cars were won by Fletcher, Newlin and Owings

Feature Finishes

410 sprint cars, 25 laps: Lucas Wolfe. 2. Justin Peck. 3. Freddie Rahmer. 4. Dylan Cisney. 5. Kyle Moody. 6. Alan Krimes. 7. Anthony Macri. 8. Troy Wagaman. 9. Chad Trout. 10. Chase Dietz. 11. Kerry Madsen. 12. Steve Buckwalter. 13. Robbie Kendall. 14. Brent Shearer. 15. Justin Whittall. 16. TJ Stutts. 17. Matt Campbell. 18. Jared Esh. 19. Dylan Norris. 20. Doug Hammaker. 21. Rick Lafferty. 22. Brad Howard. 23. Tyler Ross. 24. Brandon Rahmer.

DNS: Lance Dewease

DNQ: Chris Arnold, Devon Borden, Bryn Gohn, Danny Dietrich.

358 sprint cars, 20 laps: 1. Derek Locke. 2. Matt Findley, 3. Zach Newlin, 4. Steve Owings, 5. Zachary Cool, 6. Scott Fisher, 7. Chris Frank, 8. Cody Fletcher, 9. Chad Criswell, 10. Devin Adams, 11. Kyle Denmyer, 12. Steve Wilbur, 13. Justin Foster, 14. Rich Eichelberger, 15. Jake Galloway, 16. John Stehman, 17. Tyler Templin, 18. Jordan Strickler, 19. Colby Womer, 20. Wyatt Hinkle DNS: Ashley Capetta, Hayden Miller

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