Mechanicsburg – Brent Marks of Myerstown scored the 14th running of the Tommy Hinnershitz Classic at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking the win over the All Stars Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars circuit.

The 13th win of Marks’ career at Williams Grove was worth $6,000. It was his first ever in the speedway Tommy Classic.

Marks earned the pole for the 30-lap Tommy race by winning the dash over Lance Dewease and the pair would comprise the front row for the start of the main.

Marks looked good at the front of the field early aboard his No. 19M with both Dewease and Tyler Courtney in tow.

However when the leader entered the backmarkers on the seventh tour, Dewease began to close the gap.

Marks was just coming up on a pair of lapped cars racing side by side, threatening to stall his pace when the first caution flag of the race appeared on the 11th tour for a stopped Cory Eliason.

Under the yellow, Freddie Rahmer came up with a right rear flat while running in sixth after starting in 17th spot.

The restart saw Marks keep Dewease as bay as Courtney made a run at Dewease on the high side in the second turn.

But the trio had spaced out by lap 15 when the red flag unfurled for a two-car crash in the third turn involving Rahmer and Jared Esh.

Both men escaped injury but their cars suffered severe damage.

Dewease took what would be his big shot on the restart.

After following Marks though turns one and two, he blasted deep into the third corner trying to come up with the lead.

However his bid fell a bit short, allowing Marks to pull away instead once the pair hit the straightaway.

A final yellow flag with eight laps to go, again for a stopped Eliason, regrouped the field but Marks blasted away when the green flag returned.

Dewease did his best to track the leader back down by the finish but the margin of victory was .647 seconds for Marks.

“I felt the top going away,” Marks said.

“I knew I had to run around the bottom and make Lance pass me on the top. One nice thing about Lance is you know where he runs around this place. He is so good here and it’s pretty special to beat him.”

Danny Dietrich surged past Courtney for third during the last two laps.

Courtney finished fourth with Anthony Macri riding home in fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to Parker Price-Miller, Justin Whittall, Dylan Norris, TJ Stutts and Kyle Reinhardt.

Heats went to Dietrich, Marks, Norris, Ryan Smith and Price-Miller.

Marks won the dash and Justin Peck scored the B Main.

Macri set fast time over the 41-car field with a lap of 16.902 seconds.

Feature Finishes

410 sprint cars, 30 laps: 1. Brent Marks, 2. Lance Dewease, 3. Danny Dietrich, 4. Tyler Courtney, 5. Anthony Macri, 6. Parker Price-Miller, 7. Justin Whittall, 8. Dylan Norris, 9. TJ Stutts, 10. Kyle Reinhardt, 11. Gio Scelzi, 12. Zeb Wise, 13. Ryan Smith, 14. Lucas Wolfe, 15. Justin Peck, 16. Cap Henry, 17. Chase Dietz, 18. Bill Balog, 19. Tim Shaffer, 20. Brad Howard, 21. Kyle Moody, 22. Dylan Cisney, 23. Cory Eliason, 24. Jared Esh, 25. Freddie Rahmer, 26. Chad Trout, 27. Brent Shearer

DNQ: Riley Emig, Dominic Scelzi, Troy Wagaman Jr., Alan Krimes, Scott Bogucki, Pat Cannon, Kevin Thomas Jr., Hunter Schuerenberg, Steve Buckwalter, Chris Windom, Robbie Kendall, Devon Borden, Aaron Bollinger, Matt Campbell

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