MECHANICSBURG, PA – Lance Dewease passed Brent Marks with four laps to go to win the opening night of the Champion Racing Oil Summer Nationals Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

Dewease’s 106th career Grove victory was worth $10,000 against the World of Outlaws.

“I don’t know if we had the best racecar, but I have the most patience around this place,” Dewease said. “I was trying not to show Brent that I was on the bottom because he’s good everywhere right now and can run all the lines. I didn’t want him to move down, so I wanted to make sure I got by him before he seen me. We haven’t had a very good year by our standards. To get a win against these guys and PA Posse top three is pretty sweet. This win gets you pumped back up.”

A wide and racy Grove surface provided exciting racing all night long.

“Lance is extremely good here,” Marks said. “I didn’t really know where to run there at the end. I felt comfortable on the bottom after the restart, I ran it for two laps, but I also felt comfortable up top. The cushion got too big around the top of one and two and carrying my speed was too hard. I kind of let that one go.”

Marks and Anthony Macri shared the front row with Marks getting the lead. Outlaws point leader Brad Sweet wrestled second from Macri during the opening laps.

Marks led, but Sweet was closing with five laps complete. Carson Macedo raced fourth and Dewease fifth.

Marks began lapping slower cars with about a 1-second lead over Sweet. Marks got immediately held up in traffic and Sweet was on his back bumper. Macri jumped the second turn cushion allowing Macedo to get by, but Dewease got a great run off the corner and passed both of them.

Marks got by the lapped car and increased his lead over Sweet as Macedo and Dewease traded the third spot.

The top two were in very heavy traffic. Sweet caught Marks and ducked under him in turn one, but couldn’t make the pass with 12 to go. This also allowed Dewease to catch the top two.

The racing was very close as they worked through the traffic. Marks cleared two cars in turn three giving himself some breathing room with eight to go.

The yellow flew giving the leaders a clear track for the final eight laps.

Marks controlled the restart as Dewease passed Sweet for second.

Marks raced the cushion with Dewease closing using the inside line. Dewease made the winning pass as they raced off the second turn with four to go.

“I found the bottom when we were racing in lapped cars and I didn’t feel that bad,” Dewease said. “I hung down there and made it work.”

Marks stayed close, but then Dewease ran a perfect lap and pulled away. Marks jumped the first turn cushion giving Dewease an unchallenged final lap. Marks settled for second. Marci nipped Sweet for third. Sweet and Gravel completed the top five. Macedo, Donny Schatz, Danny Dietrich, Kyle Larson and James McFadden rounded out the top 10.

McFadden set quick time over the 36-car field with a lap of 17.407. Sweet, Macri, Macedo and Dewease were the next four.

McFadden won the first heat race over Dewease. Sweet won the second heat over David Gravel. Donny Schatz won the third heat over Macri. Macedo won the final heat over Brent Marks. Marks won the dash over Macri and Macedo.

The $20,000 to win Champion Racing Oil Summer Nationals finale for the World of Outlaws and Pennsylvania Posse is Saturday night.

Feature Finishes

Sprint Car Feature (25 laps): 1. Lance Dewease. 2. Brent Marks. 3. Anthony Macri. 4. Brad Sweet. 5. David Gravel. 6. Carson Macedo. 7. Donny Schatz. 8. Danny Dietrich. 9. Kyle Larson. 10. James McFadden. 11. Sheldon Haudenschild. 12. Logan Schuchart. 13. Dylan Norris. 14. Spencer Bayston. 15. Freddie Rahmer. 16. Jacob Allen. 17. Kyle Moody. 18. Chase Dietz. 19. Lucas Wolfe. 20. Daryn Pittman. 21. TJ Stutts. 22. Devon Borden. 23. Austin Bishop. 24. Robbie Kendall. 25. Jeff Halligan.

DNQ: Kraig Kinser, Steve Buckwalter, Brandon Rahmer, Noah Gass, Troy Wagaman Jr., Robbie Price, Matt Campbell, Bill Rose, Troy Fraker, Brock Zearfoss.

DNS: Kasey Kahne.

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