National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Inductees

Since 1990, the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame has recognized members of the sprint car community for their outstanding achievements with induction into the Hall of Fame. While many of the inductees have either raced or won at Williams Grove throughout their career, these specific inductees were known as “regulars” to the speedway at some point during their careers. Please visit for a full list and bios on each inductee.

Year Names
2019 Stevie Smith, Jason Johnson
2018 Lance Dewease
2016 Bud Grimm, Frankie Kerr, Mark Light, Gus Linder
2015 Bruce Ellis, Don Kreitz Jr.
2014 Bobby Davis Jr.
2011 Emmett Shelley, Jimmy Boyd, Joe Sostilio
2010 Bobbie Adamson
2009 Fred Rahmer, Lee Osborne
2008 Kramer Williamson, Glenn Fitzcharles
2007 Kenny Jacobs
2006 Buster Warke
2005 Ray Tilley, Bill Holland, Dick Simonek
2004 Keith Kauffman, Brice Craig
2003 Al Hamilton, Doug Wolfgang
2002 Smokey Snellbaker, Sam Traylor
2001 Davey Brown Sr.
2000 Steve Smith
1998 Bob Weikert, Bobby Allen, Bill Schindler
1997 Kenny Weld, Dick Tobias, Hiram Hillegass
1996 Roy Richwine, Lynn Paxton, Johnny Thomson
1995 Mitch Smith
1994 Shorty Pritzbur
1993 Joie Chitwood
1991 Ted Horn
1990 Jack Gunn, Jan Opperman, Tommy Hinnershitz, Floyd Trevis


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